Joys Of Apartment Living week overview

This is where I live.

This is the view from my balcony.

This is the lake a block away.

Nice, right?

Every place has it’s quirks, I just find things here quirkier than average.

This is the appliance guy trying to figure out how to put the oven door back on, after hammering the slat because it wasn’t going in.

This is an example of people pretending not to know they can’t smoke in the parking lot under my window.

This is a picture of the bird put there so the owner could go out and visit it and talk to it.

This is from a walk across the street along the river.

This is me in the mornings trying to breathe in a non smoking building where smokers have no incentive to follow rules.

And yes, I have plenty to keep me busy, these are just the things I notice.  Hate to think of what happens that I don’t know about!

Not even going into the bed bug warning yesterday.  I have sore coverings now and there is heat treatment going on. Joy.

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