Cast of characters

These are all real people. 

Backpack guy: sits in the lobby all day wearing his backpack, super loud and obnoxious. Constantly is on his phone, on speaker, having stupid conversations with a variety of services, restaurants or stores .

When not on his phone, is constantly yakking at people over the most obvious blather.

Always asking people if he can buy stuff for a dollar.

Once thawed a chicken carrying it in his backpack all week.

Loves cookies. Once stood on a table with his pants down eating cookies.
Chatterbox: never ever had a conversation, just talks incessantly. When you have a conversation with anyone she jumps in the middle with her stories, no matter what the conversation is. She once said, ‘i like to disagree with people and get in a good fight.’

Freeloader: Will do anything for free stuff, even constantly invites herself to dinner when she smells cooking.

Whiner: complains about everything, and says ‘i’m sorry’ 20 times an hour.

Clueless: agrees with everyone, has no thoughts of her own, has hearing aids but won’t wear them.

Creeper: his wife is wheelchair bound, and insists on thinking I’ll be his replacement wife when she dies.

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