What a difference a chair makes.

So typically at any given time there are people congregated in the lobby. A friend calls them ‘the seagulls’.

They sit in the 8 chairs lining the lobby, day and night, lining the walls at 3pm, when the mail comes, as if they are waiting for treasure.

Seagulls, because they want to see everything, and hover, chatter as you come in.

Or leave.

Or get your mail.

Or walk through.

Pretty much at every move, they have to comment or quiz.

All except one woman who sits there 23 hours a day, collecting information, sprinkles in her own thoughts and missing facts, then disperses them to anyone that sits close to her.

Thus begins the game of the day, Chinese telephone. (I’m sure that is racist, not pc, etc but that’s what it was called back when people actually had to talk to each other and amuse ourselves).

So the anxiety begins; people only going to pick up their mail late in the day hoping others aren’t around to chatter, ‘you got a package? What is it?’, ‘you got mail today? Anything good?’ Or even worse, telling you what they got in the mail.

Anxiety about leaving. Coming home, especially with bags as they will make all sorts of comments, and then the rumors start to circulate about your habits, finances, etc.

Usually I’m a pretty forward person. Say something odd to me and I have a response. Not here though; if you respond indicating comments are not invited it doesn’t matter. Get angry and reply that their input is not welcome, they complain to management.

I realize that it reflects the times we live in. You’re offended that I wrote a red shirt? My gosh, that is going in the trash. Don’t want to offend anyone. For some reason their rights to annoy me is protected, but if I say anything it’s wrong. Still haven’t figured out that logic.

Defeated, giving up, I started listening to my audio books with headphones or just on my phone when I walk in, or out, or get my mail, etc.

Then something amazing happened.

The chairs moved.

Two days ago the comfy chairs were gone and replaced by bar stools and bar tables from another area, comfy chairs moved to the back of the building.

Two comfy chairs remained, but on opposite ends. People tried sitting on them. Outrage ensued. Others were delighted. A shift has taken place and we are giddy.

We went out shopping; quietly returned and calmly strolled through the lobby. Got our mail in the middle of the day! No comments or repetitive conversations! It’s amazing.

We don’t know what caused this shift, but it feels different now… Not having to prepare for the audio garbage everything you leave the apartment is a noticeable difference.

At first we wondered where they went; then we remembered we don’t care!

Changes are a coming…

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