What I’ve learned this election.

Crazy is rampant.

Women have put up with enough crap.

Ignorance is epidemic.

Entitlement is a life style.

Women are banding together to fight back.

Natural selection is failing.

Political correctness isn’t always correct.

Everyone had an opinion, crazy people are just louder.

It’s okay to voice your opinion even if it isn’t popular. 

Being louder doesn’t make you right.

Fact check before you speak.

If you whisper it’s scarier.

Truth is louder when you’re calm.

Women aren’t putting up with crap anymore and men are scared. The louder they are the more scared they are.

Logic is a rare commodity.

Nearly all women have been assaulted in some way, and are not taking it anymore.

Rape is rape, no means no, putting your hand in someone’s face to talk over them is abuse.  Men are aggressive, women are bitches, doing the same thing.

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