Conversation in the lobby.  New resident, new crazy.

Overheard on the lobby yesterday.

(Preface: we get free basic cable here. Extremely basic cable. You have to have a box to get the extended channels.)

New woman to manager.

W: but I can’t get the other channels!

M: * strange look*

W: I need to have a box!

M: so… Get a box from the cable company.

W: they won’t let me have one unless I pay $100!

M: no. You can get the box and they bill you monthly.

W: that’s not what they said!

M: (sarcastic humor) so I’m paying for your cable now and you aren’t using it?

W:I have the t.v. connected to the wall cable but can’t get all the other channels!

M: so get a box.

W: I tried! They want $100!

M: * confused*

W: I need you to get it for me!

M: I don’t do that. Contact the cable company (like everyone else has done since the beginning of cable).

W: I don’t have $100 for the box!

M: * getting annoyed* everyone gets their own box. No one had to pay for them. Did they say why you have to pay that?

W: it’s from an old account in my name with a balance due!

M: * blank look* * shakes head* * walks away a lot later than I would have *

W: * frustrated* come on! 

She walked away angry.


These are actual adults (body age).

I can’t understand how they got this far in life. Also can’t figure out how they put shoes on in the morning.

Has there always been this entitlement? It makes me nuts.

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