Help me, I’m old and hurt, unless…

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So, couldn’t put my finger on what made me crazy about this person.

Used to work in the cafeteria for lunch, and after about a month I asked the manager if this woman used to be rich, because of the way she assumed everyone was there to serve her.

The whole point of this place is independent living; take care of yourself. Once you’re in ‘the system’ apparently lots of people assume others will take care of you… You mistake this place for a nursing home. It’s low income housing, not a care home.

So, a few examples:

To get coffee (or anything) she does this super annoying toddler whine, kind of baby talk.  She had knee surgery about 3 years ago but still complains that she can’t walk. See a doctor, it’s not like you have to pay for it like I do…

So, it’s strange how people are fully able to do whatever they want if they want it bad enough.

This woman joined the walking group, along with chatterbox. I don’t go to the walking group anymore since they make me crazy.

When they walk it’s about a mile plus, and she has to stop and sit every 5 minutes. Needless to say she is left behind a lot.

Now, anyone who says that’s not nice is welcome to come sit with her, you’ll change your mind the first day.

She will break her neck to get anywhere she can get free stuff… Or things she assumes are free.

If no one says anything, apparently it’s free.  Can’t imagine what her apartment looks like.

So the group walked yesterday over to the convention center and back. There was a big expo over there and they checked it out, got some fun stuff, came back.  She was not in it because ‘her leg hurt’.

After they got back one of the neighbor’s daughters was there, she had gone to the expo too. They were helping her hersort through  goodies, it was like an early Halloween for her.

When ‘she’ came through (probably looking for free coffee or a bottle of water, just cause it’s there sometimes) she saw the people sitting at a table going through the goodies.

She was moaning about her leg, forced and slowly sitting. Two of the neighbor’s were there who are in the group and have often catered to her since they don’t know her.

She asked about the bags, and the neighbor told her about the expo.  Free stuff? She was up and out the door in a flash, hiring the mile to the center.  

The neighbors were in shock, they didn’t know she could walk like that!

They looked around at the people who live here wondering what the heck was going on. Yea, just because you get old doesn’t mean your deserving of respect. We all get older.

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