Conversation in the lobby.  New resident, new crazy.

Overheard on the lobby yesterday.

(Preface: we get free basic cable here. Extremely basic cable. You have to have a box to get the extended channels.)

New woman to manager.

W: but I can’t get the other channels!

M: * strange look*

W: I need to have a box!

M: so… Get a box from the cable company.

W: they won’t let me have one unless I pay $100!

M: no. You can get the box and they bill you monthly.

W: that’s not what they said!

M: (sarcastic humor) so I’m paying for your cable now and you aren’t using it?

W:I have the t.v. connected to the wall cable but can’t get all the other channels!

M: so get a box.

W: I tried! They want $100!

M: * confused*

W: I need you to get it for me!

M: I don’t do that. Contact the cable company (like everyone else has done since the beginning of cable).

W: I don’t have $100 for the box!

M: * getting annoyed* everyone gets their own box. No one had to pay for them. Did they say why you have to pay that?

W: it’s from an old account in my name with a balance due!

M: * blank look* * shakes head* * walks away a lot later than I would have *

W: * frustrated* come on! 

She walked away angry.


These are actual adults (body age).

I can’t understand how they got this far in life. Also can’t figure out how they put shoes on in the morning.

Has there always been this entitlement? It makes me nuts.

Help me, I’m old and hurt, unless…

Don’t know what to name this one.

Submit your suggestions!

So, couldn’t put my finger on what made me crazy about this person.

Used to work in the cafeteria for lunch, and after about a month I asked the manager if this woman used to be rich, because of the way she assumed everyone was there to serve her.

The whole point of this place is independent living; take care of yourself. Once you’re in ‘the system’ apparently lots of people assume others will take care of you… You mistake this place for a nursing home. It’s low income housing, not a care home.

So, a few examples:

To get coffee (or anything) she does this super annoying toddler whine, kind of baby talk.  She had knee surgery about 3 years ago but still complains that she can’t walk. See a doctor, it’s not like you have to pay for it like I do…

So, it’s strange how people are fully able to do whatever they want if they want it bad enough.

This woman joined the walking group, along with chatterbox. I don’t go to the walking group anymore since they make me crazy.

When they walk it’s about a mile plus, and she has to stop and sit every 5 minutes. Needless to say she is left behind a lot.

Now, anyone who says that’s not nice is welcome to come sit with her, you’ll change your mind the first day.

She will break her neck to get anywhere she can get free stuff… Or things she assumes are free.

If no one says anything, apparently it’s free.  Can’t imagine what her apartment looks like.

So the group walked yesterday over to the convention center and back. There was a big expo over there and they checked it out, got some fun stuff, came back.  She was not in it because ‘her leg hurt’.

After they got back one of the neighbor’s daughters was there, she had gone to the expo too. They were helping her hersort through  goodies, it was like an early Halloween for her.

When ‘she’ came through (probably looking for free coffee or a bottle of water, just cause it’s there sometimes) she saw the people sitting at a table going through the goodies.

She was moaning about her leg, forced and slowly sitting. Two of the neighbor’s were there who are in the group and have often catered to her since they don’t know her.

She asked about the bags, and the neighbor told her about the expo.  Free stuff? She was up and out the door in a flash, hiring the mile to the center.  

The neighbors were in shock, they didn’t know she could walk like that!

They looked around at the people who live here wondering what the heck was going on. Yea, just because you get old doesn’t mean your deserving of respect. We all get older.

What I’ve learned this election.

Crazy is rampant.

Women have put up with enough crap.

Ignorance is epidemic.

Entitlement is a life style.

Women are banding together to fight back.

Natural selection is failing.

Political correctness isn’t always correct.

Everyone had an opinion, crazy people are just louder.

It’s okay to voice your opinion even if it isn’t popular. 

Being louder doesn’t make you right.

Fact check before you speak.

If you whisper it’s scarier.

Truth is louder when you’re calm.

Women aren’t putting up with crap anymore and men are scared. The louder they are the more scared they are.

Logic is a rare commodity.

Nearly all women have been assaulted in some way, and are not taking it anymore.

Rape is rape, no means no, putting your hand in someone’s face to talk over them is abuse.  Men are aggressive, women are bitches, doing the same thing.

What a difference a chair makes.

So typically at any given time there are people congregated in the lobby. A friend calls them ‘the seagulls’.

They sit in the 8 chairs lining the lobby, day and night, lining the walls at 3pm, when the mail comes, as if they are waiting for treasure.

Seagulls, because they want to see everything, and hover, chatter as you come in.

Or leave.

Or get your mail.

Or walk through.

Pretty much at every move, they have to comment or quiz.

All except one woman who sits there 23 hours a day, collecting information, sprinkles in her own thoughts and missing facts, then disperses them to anyone that sits close to her.

Thus begins the game of the day, Chinese telephone. (I’m sure that is racist, not pc, etc but that’s what it was called back when people actually had to talk to each other and amuse ourselves).

So the anxiety begins; people only going to pick up their mail late in the day hoping others aren’t around to chatter, ‘you got a package? What is it?’, ‘you got mail today? Anything good?’ Or even worse, telling you what they got in the mail.

Anxiety about leaving. Coming home, especially with bags as they will make all sorts of comments, and then the rumors start to circulate about your habits, finances, etc.

Usually I’m a pretty forward person. Say something odd to me and I have a response. Not here though; if you respond indicating comments are not invited it doesn’t matter. Get angry and reply that their input is not welcome, they complain to management.

I realize that it reflects the times we live in. You’re offended that I wrote a red shirt? My gosh, that is going in the trash. Don’t want to offend anyone. For some reason their rights to annoy me is protected, but if I say anything it’s wrong. Still haven’t figured out that logic.

Defeated, giving up, I started listening to my audio books with headphones or just on my phone when I walk in, or out, or get my mail, etc.

Then something amazing happened.

The chairs moved.

Two days ago the comfy chairs were gone and replaced by bar stools and bar tables from another area, comfy chairs moved to the back of the building.

Two comfy chairs remained, but on opposite ends. People tried sitting on them. Outrage ensued. Others were delighted. A shift has taken place and we are giddy.

We went out shopping; quietly returned and calmly strolled through the lobby. Got our mail in the middle of the day! No comments or repetitive conversations! It’s amazing.

We don’t know what caused this shift, but it feels different now… Not having to prepare for the audio garbage everything you leave the apartment is a noticeable difference.

At first we wondered where they went; then we remembered we don’t care!

Changes are a coming…

Cast of characters

These are all real people. 

Backpack guy: sits in the lobby all day wearing his backpack, super loud and obnoxious. Constantly is on his phone, on speaker, having stupid conversations with a variety of services, restaurants or stores .

When not on his phone, is constantly yakking at people over the most obvious blather.

Always asking people if he can buy stuff for a dollar.

Once thawed a chicken carrying it in his backpack all week.

Loves cookies. Once stood on a table with his pants down eating cookies.
Chatterbox: never ever had a conversation, just talks incessantly. When you have a conversation with anyone she jumps in the middle with her stories, no matter what the conversation is. She once said, ‘i like to disagree with people and get in a good fight.’

Freeloader: Will do anything for free stuff, even constantly invites herself to dinner when she smells cooking.

Whiner: complains about everything, and says ‘i’m sorry’ 20 times an hour.

Clueless: agrees with everyone, has no thoughts of her own, has hearing aids but won’t wear them.

Creeper: his wife is wheelchair bound, and insists on thinking I’ll be his replacement wife when she dies.

Joys Of Apartment Living week overview

This is where I live.

This is the view from my balcony.

This is the lake a block away.

Nice, right?

Every place has it’s quirks, I just find things here quirkier than average.

This is the appliance guy trying to figure out how to put the oven door back on, after hammering the slat because it wasn’t going in.

This is an example of people pretending not to know they can’t smoke in the parking lot under my window.

This is a picture of the bird put there so the owner could go out and visit it and talk to it.

This is from a walk across the street along the river.

This is me in the mornings trying to breathe in a non smoking building where smokers have no incentive to follow rules.

And yes, I have plenty to keep me busy, these are just the things I notice.  Hate to think of what happens that I don’t know about!

Not even going into the bed bug warning yesterday.  I have sore coverings now and there is heat treatment going on. Joy.

This week’s cast

I was a psych major in school, so thought maybe to start viewing this as research.

I have the chatter box who just can’t stop talking no matter how much we try to chew our arms off to get away;

The attention seeking busy body who’s main excitement in life is to get free stuff, even when it’s not really all that free… As if no one notices.

The whiner who never had one positive thing ever and says ‘sorry’ for nothing.

The loud guy who likes to argue and be right (to be fair he usually is).

The loud guy who likes to feel as if he’s the most important person in the world who likes to think he’s right no matter what he makes up in his head (no, not trump, but very close to it).

The weird lady with tons of boxes lining her apartment who had a parakeet die and she put it in the bushes on a branch so she can go talk to it.

The clueless woman who is a scatterbrained chatterbox that we run to avoid.

The gross annoying loud guy who shouts at everyone who comes in or leaves commenting on anything they are doing or hold, if all else fails it’s the weather or else he wants to buy fruit from you. Yes, that’s right.

The very large talk autistic man who gets annoyed by all this and wanders the building talking and arguing. To himself. My neighbor said he speaks in tongues…

I said no, that’s math.  

He speaks in trig and quantum physics, and is quite interesting to talk to if you speak math.

The older guy who is always chasing after me informing me that he had chosen me to replace his wife when she dies. Yes, really.
The old woman who practically lives in the lobby so she can see every move and gossip about it after she’s made up in her head what the story is… And she smells of urine.
The guy next door to me with 2 cats who can’t seem to remember that they have a litter box that needs to be cleaned, and our bathrooms share a wall, he only cleans it after management makes him.

The smokers who won’t stay where they are supposed to smoke, the alcoholics and other weirdos.

I’ve tried to be nice, tried to be a bit rude, tried to ignore it all, nothing seems to be working very well.